~~New Year; New Ventures and Adventures~~

January 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Dear Friends,


New beginnings can be fun, exciting, scary and downright thrilling!  I feel like I've been waiting in line with great anticipation to ride the tallest, fastest roller coaster in the country...ok...think big...the world!

This past year, I turned 50, and it was really, really hard.  I wasn't one of those women that "embraced the new found freedom" of being "nifty fifty."  I'm honest about it.  So there.

But now that I am a few months in...things have changed.  I do feel great.  I do feel like "starting" something at 50 is nifty.  I've had to give up a lot of who I 'was' in 30 years as an adult to reinvent myself to become who I am now.  Once I accepted letting go, I was actually good with "starting over."  What really did it was when my web hosting company that held www.mimiparis.com informed me that my 20+ years of work was gone...kaput...disappeared.  

After a full day of crying my eyes out as if I'd lost a child, I thought this might be the kick in the tush that I need to reinvent.  

I'm actually happy again!

I don't have to be www.mimiparis.com anymore.  I can be www.mimiparisphotography.com and share so much more about who I am being and what I can bring to you with the new me.... 

Out with the "OLD" and in with the "NEW!"

Please enjoy my passion...and if you love it...or even like it a little...please pass it along!





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